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Influence the
Influential in Virginia!
Target the "Movers and Shakers!" An ad in Virginia Capitol Connections Quarterly Magazine (QM) will reach legislators, government officials, libraries, and citizens across Virginia! Your ad will be seen over and over as this quarterly magazine is stocked and re-stocked in racks and on coffee tables from Main Street to the Capitol. QM is where government, political, business, labor and community leaders across the state get their public affairs news about Virginia before it develops.

We provide statewide perspectives on local problems; local perspectives on statewide problems, including how and why policy is made, who affects it, who is affected by it, and what it all means to you.
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Color Ad Rates
Full Page 1300 1200 1100 1000
Two Thirds Page 1000 900 850 800
Half Page 800 700 650 600
Third Page 600 550 500 450
Quarter Page 450 425 400 375
Sixth Page 325 300 275 250
Eighth Page 200 175 150 125







Around Virginia
Two-line black and white listing in four issues–$99
List your association, hotel, restaurant, or other business
(3.25" wide–same size as Red, Black and Blue book listing)

Outside Back 2000 1900 1800 1700
Inside Front 1800 1700 1600 1500
Inside Back 1700 1600 1500 1400
All rates are based on camera ready copy (electronic
format). Production services available at extra charges.

Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter

Rates available upon request

15% to recognized agencies when camera ready copy is supplied. Agency commission is forfeited on all accounts unpaid after 60 days. Production charges are not commissionable.

Mechanical Specifications
Magazine Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"
Type Page Size (live area): 7.5" x 9.94"

Format for Submitted Ads
Preferred file format is Adobe Acrobat PDF, Press Resolution, CMYK color format, all fonts, art, and trim marks included. Files must contain no spot colors. For bleed ads include standard .125" bleed area on all sides.

Ad Sizes
Full Page
8.5" x 11" (full bleed ad, plus standard .125" bleed)
7.5" x 9.94" (live area, with standard white border)

Two Thirds Page
4.925" x 9.94"

Half Page
7.5" x 4.875" (Horizontal)
3.625" x 9.94 (Vertical)

Third Page
7.5" x 3.125" (Horizontal)
2.319" x 9.94" (Vertical)

Quarter Page
3.625" x 4.875" (Vertical)
4.875" x 3.625" (Horizontal)

Sixth Page
2.319" x 4.875" (Vertical)
4.875" x 2.319" (Horizontal)

Eighth Page
3.5" x 2"




Cancellations are not accepted after published space closing dates.

Due upon receipt of invoice.

Virginia Capitol Connections is found in all of Virginia's Public Libraries and in 7,000 offices and homes of Virginia's leaders.
Published by David Bailey Associates, publishers of three annual directories: Red Book, Black Book, and the Blue Book.

David L. Bailey, Jr. •

Managing Editor
Kristen Bailey Hardy •

Contributing Writers/Editors
Bonnie Atwood, Mike Belefski, Lydia Freeman, Kim Gray,
Bernie Henderson, Tom Hyland, Ken Jessup, Brennan Long,
Shirley Pappalardo, Charlie Todd

Advertising Manager

To advertise,
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